Cryogenic cleaning


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CO2Clean System precise Dry ice cleaning


CO2Clean MING -TRAN INDUSTRIAL provides novel surface process devices of dry cleaning. As the dimensions of semiconductor and electronic industry approach the nanoscale, the particles are smaller than 0.1 micron, it will be increasing difficulty to use aqueous or wet based cleaning process due to high surface tension and capillary forces. CO2Clean MING -TRAN INDUSTRIAL set up a research center of the dry ice cleaning, develop novel cleaning method. The methods have been applied to many patents. If you have any problem about cleaning, please contact us requirements and applications.

 Advantages of CO2Clean System




           Excellent remove particles

           Excellent solvent

           No hazardous waste generated


           Reduced chemical and water use

            Less tolerance for contamination



Ming-Tran Industrial has joint venture CALITECH to develop CO2Clean automation equipment. Base on advantage of software and hardware team from CALITECH, we can produce cleaning tools for every industry, like the Semiconductor, Aerospace, Electronic, Medical, Hybrid Circuit, Optical, Disk drives, Panel etc.