PSM Equipment Installation Overview Diagram

Based on the above diagram of our Company's high voltage type filter control system installed on the main power switch, you can be assured of the safety, where we strongly insist and abide to such "legality" for all our installations.

PSM Equipment Feature

* No Impact:
We will map our equipment to your original electrical network design grid and infrastructure to assess and come up with a sound energy saving system planning with little or no impact to your existing electrical design.

* Legality

a. The meter seal will not be removed
b. The high pressure seal of the electrical room will not be removed
c. Will not cause meter failure or reversals
d. Will not go around the meter or other electricity meter device
e. Will not damage or alter the wiring of meters
f. Installation will be properly installed on the user's main power switch of secondary wiring


PSM Energy-conserving rig up flow chart

1. Cut off the high-pressure switch of Utilities Electric Co.

2. High-pressure is grounded in order to prevent accident of end of electricity.

3. Put the equipment wanting to install the place.

4. Connect the equipment to go to once side cable of high pressure.

5. The equipment exporting and inserting high-pressure once side of voltage transformer.

6. Energy-conserving rig up.

7. Connect and go to the high-pressure switch of Utilities Electric Co.

8. Check whether the power system is normal and real.



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