Introduction PSM

The energy saving effect is similar to water filter for the tap water. Aside from being able to filter out the contaminated power, it can also provide a better quality, more stable, more efficient, and more economical and effective power supply based on the loading and actual operating condition.

After installing the power conservation system, power source undergo more multi-directional management, thus, improving the quality of the power supply, and attain electric voltage stability which will help protect and lengthen the product life of equipment and appliances.

Furthermore, with the conserve power, it can help relieve the overloading condition of the power supply transformer. In today's fiercely competitive businesses and industries, the installation of “energy-saving system" will definitely help reduce costs, and a good way to improve profit.


1. PSM energy Saving Concept

Strictly speaking, there's no such thing as a“power saving machine" in this world. If so, how does a“power saving” device works?

When electricity is transmitted and distributed to users, this transmission of electricity will pass through numerous cycles of transforming and alternating processes, which will result in invisible energy loss along the way. In consideration of the varying energy load changes during energy delivery, while still having to maintain supply of electricity within quota range, Power Company will send through higher load of electricity to meet the energy needs.

Furthermore, during the power transfer, external electromagnetic wave interference such as lightning, cellular phone signals, broadcast signals, microwave signals, etc. and other huge power loading harmonic waves, all will cause certain degrees of power contamination which the end users have to burden, which means higher electricity bills and shortening of home appliances and equipment product life.

So while having spent $100, users are only receiving $60 to $80 worth of energy benefits, paying more for less. These surplus energy and contaminants can be better handled and, thus, converting into “saved power” for users. Energy-saving filter device helps to improve the quality of voltage and current, reduces the loss of unusable electricity and improve efficiency through power supply normalization.

2. Source of Poor Quality Power Supply

Accompanying the rise in economic and industrial growth, there will be more non-linear loads, and power supply system deviation from sinusoidal waveform distortion level will become increasingly serious. This will cause critical impact and danger to the electrical system and electrical equipment.

3. Others

Other factors that will cause ineffective over usage of power may include the following: the voltage is too high, the resistance is too high, aging circuitry, the frequency is too high or too low, or if there is improper power management. These may result in inefficient excessive power consumption.

4. Potential Impact and Damage Analysis


Source of Contaminant

Possible Outcome

Harmonic waves

Non-linear loads, such as in electronics or ferrite core electric arc furnace

Shorten the service life of electrical equipment, severe over-voltage, over- urrent, or overloading leading to equipment failure

Voltage flickers

Sudden change in voltage loading, such as in electric arc furnace

Cause discomfort to the eyes, affect the stability of generator magnetic system and transformer OTC

Three-phase unbalanced load and power voltage surge

Single-phase power load, such as high-frequency furnace, high speed railway, MRT system

Electric motor overheating, computer monitor and telecommunication disturbance

Sudden voltage surge (Swell)

Electric shock, on-off switching, and capacitor switching

Sudden overloading or over-current can lead to equipment failure


Household appliances, phone transmission and distribution wires

Electronic protective relay malfunction, communication interference

Sudden voltage drop (Sag)

Electric shock, salt damage, human errors

Sudden power outage




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