Equipment Specification

Product Ratings

High-voltageG10KV up to 35KV including 35KV,22KV,10KV and 6KV (Ratings from 300KVA up to 15000KVA)

Low-voltageGSuitable for 220 up to 440V,3-phase or single-phase (Ratings from 10KVA up to 2000KVA)

Written Guarantee

We guarantee 10-30% savings on the electricity current. If this standard is not attained, the consumer can request the removal of the energy saving equipment and have the payment refunded.

Product Warranty

There are no electronic parts in M-Sun energy saving products and we use the highest quality imported materials. Under normal operating conditions, we provide a 2-year warranty plus a 10-year after-sales service on our products.

Our product range offers different ratings and is suitable for any electrical installation. In general, only one energy saving device of the appropriate rating is required for each electrical meter.





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