PSM Advantages

* Reactance Filter Wave

The use of automatic filtering technology wave rectifier reactor technology, the excess voltage is adjusted to the appropriate voltage. It also helps to improve the quality of the input voltage, eliminate electrical pollution, reduce ineffective power, and enabling power to achieve maximum effective utilization rate.

* Phase Balance

When there's imbalanced electrical voltage leading to higher phase of rotation on load meter which means ineffective use of electricity, our products can help maintain the current phase and voltage balance.

* Improved Power Efficiency

Increase power efficiency by 3-5%, thereby improving equipment efficiency. This will help reduce equipment wear and tear, and extend equipment product life.

* Reduced Loading

Reduce power loading 5-10%, allowing safer use of electricity. Allowable range of circuit breaker can be increased by 15% or more.

* Improved Power Factor

Direct absorption of invalid electricity to increase the power factor while not having to concern about exceeding power factor.

* Eliminate reduced harmonics

Applies special new high-tech materials that can help absorb harmful high voltage harmonic wave, and making the sine wave to be smoother.

* Adjust the Utility Voltage

The unstable voltage can be adjusted to achieve power conservation and help protect the equipment as a result.

* Reduced Excitation Current

Beneficial to power reactance, our product can effectively improved the excitation current lagging behind 90 electrical degree.

* Resist Electromagnetic Interference

Can effectively improve the electromagnetic interference generated by abnormal voltage.

* Other Advantages

Helps prevent electrical fire, improved equipment efficiency, increased equipment product life, reduced circuit losses, improved flickers, et



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