Power consumption:

  • Power consumption of water pump: None > VFD only > VFD with controller

  • > VFD with parallel connection controller.

  • None = No energy saving device installed.

  • VFD only = Only VFD (variable frequency device) installed.

  • VFD with controller = VFD installed, and controlled by a controller.

  • VFD with parallel connection controller = VFDs installed (parallel connection), and controlled by a special controller.


Energy saving:

  • Power consumption of water pump = I + II-1 + II-2 + III-1~2.

  • Energy saving by VFD only = III-1~2 (over design).

  • Energy saving by VFD with controller = II-1 + II-2 + III-1~2.


Parallel connection control:

  • The original design: two water pumps, one is ON at full speed, the other is OFF as a spare pump.

  • The parallel connection design: after installing our system, two water pumps are ON at 50% speed.



  • The original design supplies water Q by consuming power P.

  • By new design, speed of two pumps is reduced to 50%. Therefore, each pump can supply water 0.5Q, and two pumps supply water Q (0.5Q x 2), same as the original design.

  • When speed is reduced to 50%, power consumption will be reduced to 12.5% (50% x 50% x 50%).

  • After installing our system, two pumps consume 0.125P x 2 = 0.25P. Comparing to original power consumption P, we can save up to 75% of total power consumption.



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